A New Webpage for Canada

A New Webpage for Canada

Under the direction of the general offices of the Church, new webpages have been designed for each country area.  These new pages are communication sites that are more focused on the needs of each area and will be easier to navigate.

The Area Authorities for Canada oversee this communication page and ensure that it provides inspirational and uplifting content.

The contents of the Gospel Library such as scriptures, general conference, manuals, magazines, etc. can be found at LDS.org.

The new webpage will provide information such as:

·         Area Authority and First Presidency messages
·         History of the Church in Canada
.          Upcoming events of a regional or national nature
·         Stories of faith from Church members in Canada
·         Links to various online resources, websites and social media in the Church

We feel that this new communication page will be a wonderful blessing for all of us in Canada.