As Sisters in Zion

As Sisters in Zion

He had a brand new experience

He had a brand new experience

Sister Bi Chun Kuo served in Toronto Canada Mission

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I have two stories to share:

Frank: Frank was a strong Buddhist. In the beginning, when we meet with him, he didn’t have too much desire want to learn more, but he did read Book of Mormon and prayed and came to church. He started changing, but he still had Buddhism in his heart.


In the middle of the discussions, me and my companion didn’t feel he had a desire, so we decided to drop him, but we still invited him to come to church activities and to come to church on Sunday.

After Sunday he called us and asked us if we could meet again. After we met with him, we felt he was different. He had a brand new experience, he even got baptized after we left the area and he is active.

Yudi: Yudi was a returning member. We found him on the street. We thought he was just a normal person. When we talked to him, he said, “I know who you are. I’m from your church. My wife and I are waiting for you!”, so we started to teach him.

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Yudi started coming to church every week and prepared himself to go to the temple. He just went to temple recently. He said his testimony is stronger and he started to pass the sacrament in the sacrament meeting. Right now he is active. He and his wife have a goal to be sealed in the temple.

I Could Feel Love Beyond Measure

I Could Feel Love Beyond Measure

Sister Dayton served in Toronto Canada Mission

We were working with a recent convert who was preparing to go to the temple. We did family history with her and she printed off both her grandmas’ names to take with her to do their ordinances. We were able to go with her to the temple. It was the first time she had been there and she had an amazing experience.

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The next day was fast Sunday and we encouraged her to bear her testimony of the temple. She did and the spirit was so strong. She had written a part of her testimony down and I asked for a copy. A portion of it said, “As hands were laid on my head to confirm my grandmothers, I could feel them with me. I could feel love beyond measure. I felt my body begin to tremble as love descended around me, my grandmothers smiling at me. I could feel their joy at what I had done for them.”

Her testimony of the temple strengthened mine and members of the ward. Many people began to get temple dates and had so much motivation to work towards that because they wanted to experience the temple for themselves.

I know the temple is truly the House of the Lord. I’m so grateful I was able to help someone prepare to go to the temple while I’ve been on my mission.

Whom the Lord Calls He Qualifies

Whom the Lord Calls He Qualifies

Sister Shayna Sudweeks served in Toronto Canada Mission

Early on in my mission I really struggled with talking to people. I would find every excuse NOT to talk to someone. After three months of being in the mission field I trained a new missionary and really struggled to be that example to my new companion, but I had a strong desire to overcome my fears and lose myself in the work.

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One particular day stands out to me as the day that I gained a powerful testimony that God answers prayers and qualifies those He calls. That day had been a very empty, unproductive, discouraging day, and we still had another hour or so before it was time to go back to our apartment for the night. I had a very strong temptation to just call it a day and go home early, but something kept telling me that I just needed to hang in a little longer.

I said a very fervent prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father would place prepared people in our path that night, maybe even a family. It took a lot of courage and prayer to keep walking, searching for people to talk to.

Not even ten minutes later, we came across a family out for a walk in the park together. They told us that they were actually looking for a church to go to and they would love to come to church with us the next Sunday.

President Thomas S. Monson promised, “…when we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help. Remember that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.” (Thomas S. Monson, “Duty Calls,” Ensign, May 1996, 44.) I am so happy that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to help me learn how to overcome my fears.

Patience is a virtue and diligence pays off

Patience is a virtue and diligence pays off

Sister Tenille Poettcker served in Toronto Canada Mission

Sister Jensen and I were struggling. We knew there was someone that we needed to find and start teaching. We prayed and prayed and waited and worked.

Sisters Photo 5
Sisters Photo 5

A few days later a lady called us on the phone, we missed her call, but she left a message saying “Hello Sisters this is Gen. I’ve met with Sisters in the past and I didn’t feel like it was the right time, but now I feel that it’s the right time. I want to meet with you and learn more about Christ.”

We were so excited. We called her back and we met with her that afternoon. What a miracle!

The Lord will truly place those that are prepared right into your path. It was neat to see the Lord’s hand in this miracle because it was just six months earlier that Sisters stopped by. We were sent there for a reason.

The Lord will try you again and again until you know that you are able and will serve Him at all cost. Patience is a virtue and diligence pays off. This miracle led to greater happiness for Gen and her family. She was baptized!