Calgary Youth Walk

Calgary Youth Walk

With a temple under construction, the Calgary Alberta West Stake youth leaders wanted to help the youth contemplate their personal journeys to the Temple.

On a recent beautiful spring morning, approximately 130 youth and leaders gathered 10 km from the Temple site. A Stake YM Leader explained the object of the walk, reminding participants that the key steps for getting to the Temple were also contained in their “For the Strength of the Youth” pamphlet.

Throughout the walk to the Temple, there were obstacles and diversions along the way as there are in life’s journey. Individuals travelled at different paces according to their preparedness and abilities. Some chose to stay with friends while others made new friends along the way; no one was left behind. Along the path were directional signs and warnings. It was up to the individuals whether they read and heeded the counsel.

At one point, there appeared a shortcut down a small gully. Although it looked enticing and could shorten the journey, there were thistles and other hazards at the bottom of the hill. While not completely impassable, this route led some individuals off the path and slowed their progress. The shortcut demonstrated the danger of leaving the path of righteousness. By recognizing our errors and repenting, we can get back on the correct path. Those who made this mistake became an example to others to help them stay on track.

The culmination of the journey was the sight of the beautiful temple high on the hill. The walk was a memorable opportunity for the youth to compare this journey to their lives and their personal journeys to the temple.

Brunch was provided at the neighbouring Royal Oak Chapel followed by a discussion led by a Stake High Counsellor. His talk focused on the standards on the signposts and how they will help the youth receive the ordinances of the temple. Tying in events from the walk with obstacles they might face in their lives and overcoming those challenges, he bore a strong testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ. White handkerchiefs were presented to the youth who were then challenged to make themselves worthy to attend the upcoming Temple Dedication on October 28.