Canada Website Marks Its First Year

Canada Website Marks Its First Year

The end of February marked the first year since the launch of a Church website for our country: in English and in French.

The website posted articles weekly by many Saints from east to west and messages by our area authorities.

The articles from Church members have emphasized the great service performed on behalf of others facing devastation through hurricanes and floods, have told of missionary service and conversions noting how much our work in spreading the gospel means to others and have highlighted amazing Canadians, both young and old.

The messages from our area authorities have given us direction and insights on how we can strengthen ourselves and the Church across Canada. We encourage you to read those messages and hope you will be inspired by them to write stories of your own experiences that relate to the gospel principles of these messages.

Should you wish to contribute, use the “Submit a Story” link on the website to submit your article. Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed.