Church Launches “How To” Channel on YouTube

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The Church has launched a new channel on YouTube titled simply “How To” that provides simple, practical help for real-life challenges., billed as a “one-stop channel for finding the help you need when you need it,” currently has more than 600 videos sorted into nine categories, each with multiple playlists of videos on a variety of related topics in English with some Spanish and Portuguese content.

YouTube is a popular and convenient channel for people who want to learn new skills and discover new ideas. “Sharing information online is a great resource that can help individuals who are dealing with problems, challenges, and adversities—whether in their own life or in their loved ones’ lives,” said Steve Peterson, managing director of the Church’s Welfare Services Department. “We know that in today’s world, when people need help with something—anything from help with a résumé, to overcoming a serious challenge, many start their search online.”

Find help for yourself or others: The How To YouTube channel is also a valuable ministering resource for ecclesiastic leaders, added Sister Reyna I. Aburto, Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, “because leaders are not always experts in certain challenges and often need practical resources to refer people to.”

Recently, the site added the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) spouse and family support videos to the “Help with Addiction Recovery” category. When asked about the videos, Sister Aburto said, “I have experienced the personal, private, and sometimes shameful pain that comes from a family member who makes poor decisions or who has an addiction. We may think that all we need is for them to ‘get better,’ but we need help for ourselves and for our other loved ones who are also suffering.” 

Sister Aburto said the ARP videos for spouses and families who have loved ones with addictions help us understand that our own personal healing does not depend on the choices of others. “We can pray for strength from our Father, and we can find the healing we need from the redeeming and enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ,” she said. “As we look for revelation through praying, fasting, reading the scriptures, reading the words of the prophets, and seeking support from others, we will be guided by the Spirit so we can be healed.”

The Help for Young Adults & Millennials category on the How To channel has a playlist with seven videos about how to pay for your education. The “Help with Marriage and Parenting” category has 15 playlists. There are 10 videos just on how to strengthen commitment in marriage. You can watch videos on topics like resolving differences, making decisions, understanding and avoiding debt, understanding anxiety, developing confidence, and much more.

The content on the How To channel will be constantly evaluated to ensure it is helpful and being used. “We want to be responsive to real-life temporal and spiritual needs that people have,” said Derek Westra, director of communications for Welfare Services. “We’re launching with this, and we expect that more categories will be added during the coming year.”

Home page of the How To Channel

Content you can trust: Many videos on the site are created by the Church, but others have been curated from trusted partners and then correlated and reviewed by subject matter experts in the Church. “We have searched for and reviewed videos that are already out there addressing these topics. If we can’t find something existing, that teaches correct principles to share, only then will we look to produce something,” Westra said. While you can never be sure of the results you’ll get simply searching various topics on YouTube or the internet, going to the Church’s How To channel for help provides information that has been reviewed and vetted.

Not just for members: The content on is helpful for everyone, not just for members of the Church. “Our hope is that the Church’s How To channel becomes a trusted resource for anyone who needs help,” Peterson said. “Some problems are universal, and the How To channel has good content that could help,” Sister Aburto said. People can get a quick tip for the moment’s needs or come back later for a more in-depth learning experience.

Take some time to explore the How To channel’s categories and subscribe to be notified of new content.


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