Elder Uchtdorf in Virtual Missionary Devotional

virtual missionary devotional

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At a virtual missionary broadcast on August 13, 2020 for full-time missionaries, including those attending online MTC sessions at home, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf counseled them to “focus on the things you can do and not on the things you cannot do.” He repeated the charge for emphasis.

He highlighted technology — including smartphones and social media — as one tool of many inspired means to share the Lord’s gospel in normal and natural ways, telling missionaries not to underestimate its value.


Elder Uchtdorf looked at the pandemic’s impact on the missionary force of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He also offered a word of caution: “When public restrictions are lifted again, be wise to resist the temptation of going back to the ‘old ways,’ which too often didn’t work too well anyway. You need to ‘go back to the future’ — and I promise you a very bright future with new and exciting opportunities. This work will move forward and upward.”

Pandemic’s Impact

In early February, prior to the global outbreak, almost 68,000 missionaries were serving full time. By late April, after pandemic-adjustment releases, the number dropped to about 42,000. Today’s total exceeds 52,000 missionaries. When the Church returned missionaries to their home countries, nearly 32,000 were relocated in a relatively short timeframe.

Presently, some 400 missionaries in missions worldwide have extended their service, unable to return home. Also, 24 mission presidents and companions have extended their assignments to accommodate travel and visa restrictions, while 21 local couples have been called to serve as interim mission leaders until replacements arrive. Missionaries in more than 200 missions of the Church’s 407 total missions are working mainly from their apartments by using technology and other means to share the gospel.

Missionary Devotional

“These are challenging times for our worldwide missionary service,” he said, adding that God has not been surprised by the events that have put the world in commotion. “He has prepared the means to help us take the gospel to the people of this world in these extraordinary days.”

President Kimball’s 1974 Address

Elder Uchtdorf recalled President Spencer W. Kimball’s April 1974 address on missionary work, “When the World Will Be Converted.” The late Church president called for “better and additional methods of approaches” for missionaries, saying, “I believe the Lord is anxious to put into our hands inventions of which we laymen have hardly had a glimpse.”

President Kimball also expressed anticipation for advances in new satellite technology as well as for a time when people worldwide could “hear the sound [of the gospel] in their own language and in a manner that they can grasp and understand.”

Spencer W. Kimball

Elder Uchtdorf added: “He envisioned a day when missionaries could be supplied with handheld devices that would help them teach the gospel. Fifty years ago, he was thinking of small recording devices, but the Lord had much bigger plans, recognizing what is possible today.”

The Apostle underscored current missionary use of smartphones, social media and other technology. “It has been said that the recent pandemic may have been a ‘divine reset’ that could help us recalibrate our efforts to reach more people — and especially a younger audience.”

Past missionaries may have limited their thinking about how to take the gospel to the world, using technology only when forced to by geographic distances. He added, “Now, in the wake of what we have learned through this difficult period of time, we realize that the use of technology is a blessing in ways we had not considered. Instead of being the last resort, technology needs to be considered upfront as an option for us to become more efficient and effective.”

Making Disciples

Elder Uchtdorf emphasized the significance of “making disciples” from “the Great Commission”: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19, New King James Version).

Christ has formally chosen disciples to carry on the work of the Father. This commission rests with the living Apostles today, as it did in ancient times. Elder Uchtdorf explained, “You missionaries have been called, set apart, and commissioned to assist the Savior and living Apostles in this great work.”

He encouraged his listeners to share the gospel “in normal and natural ways.” Effective missionaries connect with people, relate to them, show an interest in them, and share the feelings of their own hearts. He also encouraged today’s missionaries to use social and technology skills in reaching out to people in normal and natural ways.

The Apostle also invited missionaries to serve and minister to others, helping Church members in their efforts to invite others to “come and help, come and see, and come and belong.”

Missionaries Helping

Those who serve feel part of a greater cause, and service to others helps foster people’s interest in the missionaries and their purpose.

An Invitation and Promise

angels about us
“Agony in the Garden,” by Frans Schwartz.

Elder Uchtdorf closed by showing the 1898 Frans Schwartz painting “Agony in the Garden,” a copy of which is in his home office. He cited the Old Testament’s prophecy of Jesus’ suffering in Gethsemane — “I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me” (Isaiah 63:3) — and the New Testament verse, “And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him” (Luke 22:43).

“Because of the great and infinite sacrifice of the living Son of God, you and I never have to travel such a lonely path,” Elder Uchtdorf said. “Repentance and forgiveness, hope and happiness, are available to you and me because of Jesus Christ our Master. He will walk beside you, and He will send angels to strengthen you in the hour of need.

“The Savior of the world invites you to trust Him. He promises hope and peace to your souls. He asks you to not be afraid but to have courage. This invitation and promise are specifically for you. You are called to serve and share the good news of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with all people and nations.”

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