Jesus Lifts Others Burdens and So Can You

Jesus Lifts Others Burdens and So Can You

25 Ways in 25 Days – Elder Alain L. Allard Area Seventy, North America Northeast Area

Elder Alain Allard shares this little example of simple service and a Christlike desire to find those in need:

'Our potential friend, the bicycle Lady

As our youngest daughter left for school one morning, she crossed paths with a senior lady on a bicycle who was looking for empty bottles. That evening, she related her encounter and shared how she felt during our family dinner. We all decided to do something for this lady who inspired a compassionate feeling in our daughter. Our difficulty is to find out who she is, if she has a family and where she lived. The children agreed to ask their friends, who live near the street were our daughter saw the lady, if they knew about her. We also have a friend who drives a bus in our neighborhood. Maybe he would know something about the lady and could help us find where she lives? Local convenient stores and groceries where one can take empty bottles for a fee could also assist in identifying our potential friend.

As we gathered together each day to discuss our little act of service, we briefly discuss what has been done because of our common desire to help the bicycle lady. We hope to be able to bring her a gift which will bring to her nourishment for several days. Hopefully this will begin a new friendship for us and perhaps open the doors for additional opportunities to help her.'