Day 6 Jesus read the scriptures and so can you

Day 6 Jesus read the scriptures and so can you

25 Ways Over 25 Days – David McLachlan

Do you enjoy Christmas Stories? Most of us do. We have some friends who for several years have gathered Christmas Stories and shared with their friends.

They have encouraged people to share their stories that have happened to them or some that they have come across.

Starting on the first of December they send out a story each day to their friends. We have been fortunate to be included on their list. For many years I have sent these stories to my family and friends.

Today I have six lists of friends that I send these stories to.  Many have expressed their appreciation for getting these stories. Many forward these to their own family and friends around the world. Some print them off and put them in a binder. Others sit down with family each evening and read the story together.  I have had people ask how they get on my list and I am happy to add them.

It is a blessing to remember how we might reach out to others to make their burden a little lighter this time of year. May we always remember whose birth we celebrate make Him the focus of our celebrations.