Medicine Hat Door Hanger Inspires Volunteerism: JustServe Helps Strengthen a Community

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In September 2020, the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta (CFSEA) decided to undertake a project to encourage volunteerism in Medicine Hat. The intent was to develop a website where volunteer opportunities could be posted and to distribute a door hanger in the community to advertise these opportunities. During their research phase, they noticed the Just Serve site, and when they looked at it, they realized it was perfect for what they wanted to accomplish. They contacted JustServe/projects and asked us to partner with them because they wanted to refer to the Just website on the door hanger. They also wanted every group listed on the door hanger to have at least one posting on JustServe.

Door Hanger Invitations Developed

One side of the door hanger was devoted to volunteer opportunities:

Door hanger

The other side was for basic emergency resources in the community, such as food, shelter, and mental health supports.

Door Hanger

The idea was to provide valuable information for everyone—those needing help and those willing and able to help. 

Updating JustServe Postings

The month of October was spent contacting nonprofit organizations and groups in Medicine Hat either to update existing JustServe/projects postings or to see if they wanted to post for the first time. The number of posts more than doubled, from around 25-30 posts to over 65 postings by the time the door hangers were printed. 

Home-by-Home Distribution of the Door Hangers

The CFSEA’s plan was to have volunteer groups deliver the door hangers to every residence in Medicine Hat. The Medicine Hat Stake enthusiastically volunteered to help with the deliveries. Initially, the stake was assigned 120 newspaper sized delivery routes, but by the time all was said and done, the stake and missionaries ended up doing about 170 routes—17,000-18,000 door hangers.

Each city ward and the Young Single Adult (YSA) branch took an assignment. Some assigned routes to families, some involved the youth, and some were delegated to the elders quorum and the Relief Society. Missionaries tackled a number of city areas that other volunteer organizations had been unable to complete and significantly increased the number of homes contacted.

Door Hanger
The oldest daughter of the Snell family places one of the door hangers.

All told, approximately 300 members and missionaries participated in the deliveries. The total volunteer time devoted to the project by members and missionaries was approximately 500 hours, which includes the time needed to coordinate the deliveries as well as update and add posts on While we may still try to get into some of the larger condos that have not yet been accessed, the service project is essentially complete. 

We would like to thank all the community volunteers, members, and missionaries for their wonderful assistance. We know it has been a lot of work for many people.

Increasing Community Awareness and Cooperation

The door hangers seem to have been well received by the community. During our personal deliveries one individual told us that he had been looking for volunteer opportunities online and that he was going to look up the site right away. Another told us that she had read about the door hangers in the newspaper, and she had been waiting for it. Other volunteers undoubtedly had similar experiences.

We have also heard positive reports from Church members who participated. They enjoyed getting out in the fresh air with their families in support of a good cause. The weather cooperated and everyone benefitted from a little extra exercise. Some volunteered to do more routes if needed.

The Snell family helped distribute door hangers.

As the JustServe working group, we felt like this project was an answer to our prayers to love our neighbors (see Matthew 22:39). It certainly qualifies as a tender mercy (see 1 Nephi 8:8). We have always had good support of the Just Serve/projects website by local nonprofit and volunteer service groups. What was lacking though was community awareness. We feel like this has been an excellent way to inform people about the many wonderful volunteer opportunities that are encouraged and supported through We really feel like there is something everyone can do to help others.

We also appreciate the close working relationship that we developed with the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta (CFSEA). Sydney and the entire team at the CFSEA were so supportive and fun to work with. Their motto is: “Vibrant, healthy, caring communities—today, tomorrow, forever!” This is an ideal we should all support.

Commenting on the project, Sydney stated: “The Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta is so appreciative for all the time and support of the Medicine Hat Stake. This was truly a group effort. We wanted to see our community building connection and fighting isolation and this door hanger did just that. Thank you to each member who volunteered for this project” – Sydney, CFSEA Project Coordinator.

Also critical to the success of the project was the generous offer by a local business to print the door hangers at a greatly reduced cost.

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Since its official launch in 2012, JustServe has connected hundreds of thousands of volunteers to over 100,000 projects: some substantial while others are designed for the specific needs of individuals and local communities. Millions of service hours have been donated through JustServe, and the number continues to grow exponentially, even during the ongoing pandemic.

To learn more, click on and view the following recent video “The Blessings Will Follow: Benefits of Implementing JustServe”

In the video, Presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé explains that JustServe is more than a program or website, “It is a movement and a way that we can live our covenants.” Relief Society General President Jean Bingham calls JustServe an “inspired” resource during turbulent times, going on to suggest, “Perhaps now, more than ever, there is a need for good people of all faiths to come together to strengthen our communities.”

JustServe is a unique way to connect with people across all social, racial, religious, and economic demographics through service.