On March 22 and 23, Church members in the Montreal, Quebec area received visits from Elders Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy, accompanied by Bishop Gérald Caussé of the Presiding Bishopric and Elder David P. Homer, North American North East Area Seventy.

The visiting authorities conducted a meeting with missionaries from the Canada Montreal Mission.  Sister Herrera, a full-time Spanish-speaking missionary attending the meeting, said that she felt panic when she realized that Bishop Caussé was talking in French. As Sister Herrera began praying for help, she felt the Spirit settle upon her and Bishop Caussé's words became clear for her. “I held on to that feeling,” she said, “and as I was doing so, I could feel the love Heavenly Father had for me.”

A priesthood leadership conference was conducted on Saturday. On Sunday, Elder Andersen presided at the reorganization of the Longueuil Quebec Stake, accompanied by Elder Anderson. Elder Hallstrom held a special stake conference in the Montreal Quebec Mount Royal Stake and Bishop Caussé met with members in the Montreal Quebec Stake.

President Morin, former president of the Longueil Quebec Stake shared details of the stake reorganization. Church members sustained Omer Pirlet as president, with Jonathan Gingrasm, first counselor and Clément Ferland as the second counselor. President Morin has received a call to serve as president of the Benin Cotonou Mission (West Africa) beginning in July.

In the Sunday morning session “Elder Andersen spoke of the principles of faith, diligence and patience from Alma 32,” President Morin said. “The Saturday morning missionary conference was conducted by Elder Andersen where he taught that God is involved in our lives and salvation comes to us one on one. We should not compare ourselves with one another. The grace of Christ enables us to be better men, enabling the power of the Atonement to give us the ability to become like Him.” President Morin said that the messages of those who spoke would help motivate the members to get their families to the temple.

Catherine Jarvis, wife of the former stake president of the Montreal Mount Royal Stake, was impressed with the messages heard in that stake’s meetings. “Sister Hallstrom gave a powerful talk about the Saviour and about our need to keep our eyes fixed on Him.  She told the story of 73-year-old Mary Murdock who died while making the trek to Utah with the Martin Handcart Company. Her final request was, ‘Tell my son I died with my face towards Zion.'” Sister Hallstrom encouraged the members to keep their eyes fixed on the Saviour.”

Elder Hallstrom spoke about the principle of reverence and encouraged members to worship God in public, in their families and in private.  He spoke of the fact that reverence is a love of God and a respect for Him.