Paula Baril

Paula Baril
Like many extended families, mine has had some disagreements. Mine were large ones, that led to a falling out. I had not spoken to my sisters or mother for five years. It was very hard for me not to have them in my life, but at the time it seemed the best decision for both of us. For quite some time, I could feel the Lord telling me to mend fences, to forgive and try to mend my broken family. I wanted to with all my heart, but there was so much hurt and uncertainty that I was scared. I didn’t know how or where to start. 
High River

The day of the flood, I knew the town was flooding, but in my mind it was like all the other floods – our part of town was always safe. Still, I felt prompted to get my kids, and I was so glad I listened. Once I had them home, the Spirit told me to “get prepared.” But I was too busy worrying about how my husband was going to get home, should I go buy milk and eggs, should I go help with sandbagging, what games could I play with the kids…?

It was at that moment, while I was feeling worried and confused that my mom banged the door open. I could tell from the panic in her eyes and voice that something was wrong. She said, “Get a pair of pyjamas and underwear for the kids. We have to leave town, and we have to go right now.” We packed up and left. 

At my brother’s house, I was shocked to learn of the full force of the flood, to see on TV that boats were driving down our street. We went to stay with my sister, who lives near the Calgary temple. As the temple came in sight, my son Xander said, “I see the temple! We’re safe now.” I can honestly say that I felt the Spirit so strongly, and I knew the Lord loved us and we would be okay. But when I went upstairs to kiss my children good night, all three were crying. We talked things over, but they were worried about their cat they had had to leave behind, and they wanted their favorite blanket and stuffed toys.

That’s when Xander suggested that we drive to the temple and have a family prayer. So my family, and my mom, drove to the temple at midnight. As soon as we were in the parking lot, we could feel the Spirit. My husband said a prayer, and we just sat there for a while looking out at the magnificent temple. Tears stopped. 

We were at my sister’s home for two weeks, and whenever we left, we would always see the temple, standing true and strong. My mom and sisters and I decided to let the flood wash away all our bad feelings and hurt. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

I know the Lord loves me. He used my sweet children to remind me how important, special and wonderful the temple is in our lives. And he gave me back my family with a new chapter. 

Thank you, Heavenly Father.