Praying and Fasting for a Mission Miracle

Sister Missionaries teaching

During my mission, I never felt I had seen a miracle. This changed during my ninth transfer to the Don Valley Ward. My companion and I had been working very hard but not having any success. I was sad. For the first time, I prayed and fasted with all my heart that we would be guided to someone who was searching for gospel truths.

We were trying to drop by less active members in our ward when we learned that my companion was going to be transferred. When my new companion arrived, she saw a member’s address on our ward list and suggested that we go see him. At first, I was hesitant because I had already made a lot of visits in that area. I thought that we could visit that area later, but I told her that we would go.

Sister Missionaries

We dropped by his apartment building and buzzed his number. His wife answered and let us in. We asked her whether she still wanted to have home teachers. That question seemed to confuse her. So, I asked her, “Are you a member?”

She replied, “No, I am not.”

I apologized and tried to explain about home and visiting teachers. She still looked really confused and added, “I thought you came here because of me.”

When I heard what she said, her name popped up in my head. I asked, “Are you Cinthia?”

“Yes, I am Cinthia, “she replied.

Two previous missionaries had received an Internet referral to take a copy of the Book of Mormon to her. A few months later, my previous companion and I had received a text message from Cinthia. She had related that she was reading the Book of Mormon and had even installed the Gospel Library app. We texted back, but she didn’t reply. I totally forgot about her text message until sitting in her apartment and meeting her face to face. We asked her when we could come again and teach her more about the Book of Mormon. She replied that she would contact her husband first and let us know.

Not long after that first visit, I got a phone call from the Churchville young single adult mission leader. He said that he was a cousin of Cinthia’s husband, and he explained how thankful she was for our visit. He also told us about some of her past history and personal ordeals. After hanging up, I ran to my companion and exclaimed, “Sister! Your spirit works so well!”

Then I went to another room and prayed to Heavenly Father. I was so thankful for this experience, and I cried with joy and happiness for this miracle. As Moroni fervently testified, “God has not ceased to be a God of miracles” (Mormon 9:15).

Cinthia called us and set an appointment for the next day. When we went to the apartment this time, her husband, Carlos, was also there. They told us that our initial visit was an answer to her prayer. They had been praying to Heavenly Father: wanting to know whether the Book of Mormon was true or not. She told us that she had already received answers that it was. After teaching her that day, we set an appointment to come back. On Sunday, however, we received a transfer call: both my companion and I would be leaving that area. I was disappointed, but I knew that my role as God’s helper was finished.

Family Baptism

After a few weeks, I learned that Carlos was going to baptize Cinthia and their two children. I asked permission from the mission president to attend their baptismal service. I not only witnessed their baptisms but also heard Cinthia bear her testimony. I was filled with a strong and powerful witness of the Spirit of God. I felt so much love toward them. I truly knew that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. He loves us so much and wants us to return to Him.

The gospel changed my parents’ life when they joined the Church. It has changed my life. I love that I have been able to serve a mission. I am grateful that my companion and I were inspired to share the joy of the gospel with the family of Cinthia and Carlos.

As President Henry B. Eyring has counseled: “I pray with all my heart that you will hear the voice of the Spirit, which is sent to you so generously. And I pray that you will open your heart always to receive Him. If you ask with real intent and with faith in Jesus Christ for inspiration, you will receive it in the Lord’s way and in His time. God did that for the young Joseph Smith. He does it today for our living prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. He has placed you in the way of other children of God to serve them for Him. I know that not only by what I have seen with my eyes but more powerfully by what the Spirit has whispered to my heart.” (Ensign, May 2018)