Searching For A Purpose

Group in front of the Temple

Ian Doxtator was by far the most prepared person I’ve ever met.

He wasn’t raised in a religious environment, but he knew there was a higher power that he thought of as “God”, and felt that there was more to life than he knew. He was searching for purpose and direction so he could know how to change his life. Ian prayed to God to help him know what to do.

One evening Ian was walking home when two young ladies stopped to talk with him. Ian was amazed that they were talking to him about Jesus Christ! He shared that he had been reading a book that taught him about his purpose. These two girls gladly explained that their message was all about our purpose on this earth.

(See video: Mans Search for Happiness)


As they spoke the excitement grew inside Ian and he asked if they could meet again. They exchanged numbers and about a week later they met for his first lesson.

These girls were missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They taught Ian about the plan God has for each of His children. Throughout the whole lesson, Ian had a huge smile on his face. Everything that the missionaries said made sense to him.

The missionaries explained how we are never alone and the Lord is always with us. This especially touched Ian’s heart. He never had to think he was alone anymore. President Thomas S. Monson declared, “We were not placed on this earth to walk alone. What an amazing source of power, of strength, and of comfort is available to each of us. He who knows us better than we know ourselves, He who sees the larger picture and who knows the end from the beginning, has assured us that He will be there for us to provide help if we but ask.”( We Never Walk Alone, President Thomas S. Monson)

The lessons with the missionaries continued and Ian’s understanding grew. He loved the idea of being able to change and be better.


Ian said that his coworkers and managers were already beginning to see a change in him. He had a light about him already and others were noticing. Even before he was baptized he was inviting others to learn more. He was a missionary from the beginning. Ian had a desire to be a good example to those around him. He wanted to become more like his Savior.

The missionaries gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he began reading. He applied everything he learned into his own life. Heeding Nephi’s advice, he “…did liken all scriptures unto [himself]….” (1 Nephi 19:23)

When the missionaries taught him about the commandments, he willingly accepted to live each of them, desiring to have the associated blessings in his life and to be able to feel the spirit all the time.


Every Sunday that Ian came to church he received answers. It seemed as though all the talks and lessons were inspired, and were just for him. They would answer a question or be related to something he had just been taught.

Elder Kevin S. Hamilton of the Seventy taught about the Sabbath:

“One might ask why we have three separate meetings on Sunday and why the need for each. Let’s briefly look at these three meetings:

  • Sacrament meeting provides the opportunity to participate in the ordinance of the sacrament. We renew our covenants, receive an increased measure of the Spirit, and have the additional blessing of being instructed and edified by the Holy Ghost.

  • Sunday School allows us to “teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom,”(D&C 88:77) that all might be “edified and rejoice together.”( D&C 50:22) Great power and personal peace come as we understand the doctrines of the restored gospel.

  • Priesthood meetings are a time for men and young men to learn [their] duty and to “be instructed more perfectly,…” (D&C 88:78).” (Continually Holding Fast, Elder Kevin S. Hamilton)

Each of these experiences added to his testimony and he started to notice a huge difference in his life.


Before he was even baptized Ian wanted to go to the temple. When he was taught about temples and work for the dead his desire to be baptized grew even more, and he wanted to be baptized for his family and provide those blessings for them.

Ian continued to learn and began to build close relationships with members of the church. He watched his first general conference, and on Sunday, October 2, 2016, he was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church. He was so happy. Ian felt very loved and supported by the ward.


One month after his baptism he got to go to the temple to be baptized for his father and other relatives. Ian kept saying how amazing a day it was for him. The spirit was felt and tears were shed. It will be a day to remember for all who attended.

Many lives have and will be changed because of Ian Doxtator!