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We were being given “more light” in preparation for “the perfect day” of Christ’s Second Coming.
We are surrounded by women—both young and older—who are brilliant and amazing! Do we really see them?
“Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.” (President Thomas S. Monson)
Doctrine taught. Invitations to act. Promised blessings.
The ordinance of the sacrament reminds us to keep our lamps of testimony well lit.
My home truly has become a holy place for me.
I decided to make a Christ-centred statement for every principle in the missionary lessons outlined in Preach My Gospel.
Members of Christ’s Church have never been required to accept blindly and without question whatever their leaders counsel them to do.
The Lord will walk with us and carry us even when we have no strength of our own to move forward
This culmination of events created a miracle in my life that changed me forever.
President Russell M. Nelson is specially prepared “for such a time as this.”
In order to reach our divine destiny, we need each other.