We all experience the anvil of life – thankfully, God is the blacksmith
Our lifesaving mantra: “He needs your love and prayers.”
I think I finally have put my foot on the path to truly comprehend the “Character of God.”
To those who struggle with feelings of doubt and uncertainty, remember Jesus.
Through the power of the priesthood, every member of the restored Church of Jesus Christ can be empowered “to stand in the presence of God” (Joseph Smith Translation, Genesis 14:31 [in the Bible appendix]).
In my personal Liberty Jail experiences, I have seen the arms of Christ revealed.
Even though it is hard to re-examine traumatic experiences, remembering is how to heal.
Jesus Christ is the most powerful motivating force in our lives.” Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Just as a young baseball player needs repetition to refine his ability, you and I need practice in responding to errors, mistakes, and sin.
So, knowing nothing about family history, I decided to try and make it fun.
“But it’s okay Mom! We will see her again! That’s why baby Jesus came. Remember?”
Like the original $500 price of our new Christmas tree, the price that Jesus was willing to pay for our souls establishes our great worth.