“But it’s okay Mom! We will see her again! That’s why baby Jesus came. Remember?”
Like the original $500 price of our new Christmas tree, the price that Jesus was willing to pay for our souls establishes our great worth.
Jesus Christ loves you and wants you to take His outreached hand and trust Him and believe His promises.
It took me nearly two years to figure out that my father was never coming home again.
“As you examine your life during the ordinance of the sacrament, I hope your thoughts center not only on things you have done wrong but also on things you have done right—moments when you have felt that Heavenly Father and the Savior were pleased with you.” (President Henry B. Eyring)
I want to be known as a repenter.
Now I look back on those days as a single mom of young children with fondness and joy in my heart.
Take at least 10 minutes to view, read, and study this 2018 Special Witnesses of Christ video by President Russell M. Nelson.
Take 10 minutes to view Special Witnesses of Christ videos by President M. Russell Balllard and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.
Because of the grace of Christ’s infinite atoning sacrifice, starting from where we are is beginning again.
Jacob’s teachings contain some of the most angelically inspired and meticulously prepared revelations ever made about the infinite atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
When we repent, Christ will lift us from our wandering paths, help us deal with the hardships, and safely deliver us to the summit where we can see our eternal potential and experience everlasting joy.'