When I hear priests read the Christ-commanded sacramental prayers at sacrament meeting, they reignite my faith in Heavenly Father’s fabulous plan of salvation that is made possible through our Savior’s Atonement
A winding path from Sweden to Canada
The Lord will nudge us toward happiness
Count your many blessings from the Abrahamic covenant
It was at this point that they started to pray together as part of their Come, Follow Me studies.
Years later, I was blessed to go to the Cardston Alberta Temple with my two children and baptize them for the grandparents who had raised me.
It was as if President Ballard had spoken directly to the man we were teaching.
First Presidency announces new Phase 2-B will open the temple baptistry where possible as early as March 29, including the Calgary Alberta Temple and the Edmonton Alberta Temple.
As her dream had promised, someone had been “waiting to help her.”
I readily accessed the prophet’s writings online—the Joseph Smith Papers. Never have I been so edified and enlightened.
President Nelson announces changes in Church’s policy related to witnesses.
When we walk into the waters of baptism, we are also following in the footsteps of Jesus.