A persistent pressure on my soul said, “Change something”
At the edge of civilization, the Yellowknife Branch conquers cold, distance and discouragement
What will our sacrifice on the altar be?
Though counseled to “stand in holy places,” in the most holy of places, we kneel.
“Black history is family history is … everyone’s shared history”
Something heavenly is happening in Winnipeg
Thus, I began a quest to learn more of my war veteran’s story.
My journal is filled with many inspirations and revelations that began with a few words spoken from the pulpit during a sacrament meeting.
I can see that living according to the standards outlined in the Word of Wisdom has blessed my life.
So, knowing nothing about family history, I decided to try and make it fun.
I sank to the ground and cried out, “Dave! What do we do?” He replied resolutely, “We planned to go to the pageant. We are going to the pageant.”
As President Nelson suggested, I am “astounded!” I believe you may be astounded too.