So, knowing nothing about family history, I decided to try and make it fun.
I sank to the ground and cried out, “Dave! What do we do?” He replied resolutely, “We planned to go to the pageant. We are going to the pageant.”
As President Nelson suggested, I am “astounded!” I believe you may be astounded too.
When general conference began, the Spirit began to speak a different story to me.
We are surrounded by women—both young and older—who are brilliant and amazing! Do we really see them?
As I prayed, I clearly heard the Spirit whisper to me, “You are an eternal family.”
And I will end up with a technicolor book! It will match my bright and grateful soul!
“I ran back for my doll buggy and doll, and I put a loaf of bread into a bag.”
“Sufficiency of faith in Christ does not dictate a desired outcome, but rather presents a worthy offering of trust in the Lord and His designs. This offering He bids us to make.”
'Being endowed with priesthood power — God’s power — means having greater power to press forward in fulfilling God’s purposes.” (Sister Jean B. Bingham)
“All that was required of us was to enjoy it and invite our friends and neighbours to join us: