Book of Mormon

On her deathbed, my grandmother looked me in the eyes and told me that my decision to serve a mission was one of the best choices I had ever made in my life
Come, Follow Me—For Home and Church: Book of Mormon 2024 unifies gospel teaching both at home and at church.
There is joy and urgency in searching for our kindred dead
A persistent pressure on my soul said, “Change something”
This Father’s Day our hearts are filled with gratitude for earthly fathers who teach their children to pray.
And I will end up with a technicolor book! It will match my bright and grateful soul!
Jesus Christ loves you and wants you to take His outreached hand and trust Him and believe His promises.
Wind, however, took on a new meaning when I read the story of the Jaredites crossing the waters to come to the promised land.
“The testimony of the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon stands forth in great strength.” (President Dallin H. Oaks)
“When I needed Him most, I cried out, only to realize that He was already there. All I had to do was let Him in.'
Families continually need to seek to be united in their love of one another and help others—especially those less fortunate—in the communities where they live.
The new Moroni episode will be the last video of the Book of Mormon Videos series to be published before 2022.