Book of Mormon

    There are three main ways that “the virtue of the word” of God will bless us and our families.
    As we face the uncertainties of dealing with COVID-19, riots, natural and man-made disasters, or other trials, we can be inspired by the examples of the sons of Mosiah.
    I was overcome with such joy knowing that Gay Marie is still active in the Church and sharing her testimony with those around her.
    The fact that the Lord and His servants did not give up on Amulek should give all of us hope.
    One of Satan’s most subtle tools is to convince us that our choices do not matter, that they are too small to affect our salvation, and thus can be made carelessly
    Who is your favorite fictional villain?
    Now I look back on those days as a single mom of young children with fondness and joy in my heart.
    Take 10 minutes to view Special Witnesses of Christ videos by Elder Gary E. Stevenson and Elder Dale G. Renlund and learn more about the Book of Mormon and the eternal blessings of temples.
    Zenos’ allegory of the olive trees can cultivate within us a more faith-filled perception of the trials of our day.
    “Generations can learn from each other, even as each generation learns for itself.” Elder Gerrit W. Gong
    The March 16-22, 2020 Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families provides outstanding resources for gaining a better understanding of the allegorical symbols Zenos used in Jacob 5.
    Another way of looking at the iron rod could be to see it as a symbol for our Savior—the Word.