How a book of stories is helping one community reflect and help those in need
Teaching is just one arm of God's work. The other arm is service.
This culmination of events created a miracle in my life that changed me forever.
“They Helped Others”
Linda lives to show love for others through service.
As a result, literally thousands of people across Alberta will receive needed food.
“Is there any better way to spend a Saturday than volunteering with your parents and grandparents?” Annette Christie
Modern stories of Latter-day Saint Canadian women inspire each of us to carry on the important work of building and strengthening communities.
Community volunteers and stake members help feed thousands.
“The purveyors of hate would like to place a barrier between Muslims and the Canadian community, but they have failed.”
“They came with hoes, shovels, planting equipment, energy and enthusiasm.”
'The earth is the Lord's bank, and no man has a right to take money out of that bank and use it extravagantly upon himself.'