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Exhibit at Galt Museum in Lethbridge, Alberta is open until February 7, 2022.
How a book of stories is helping one community reflect and help those in need
“Because of the eternal nature of the temple and the work that takes place there, it has been decided that time-only marriages in the temple will no longer be performed.” (First Presidency Letter, May 24, 2021)
God was bringing His servants home, so that they could go back out and keep serving Him later.
For the Strength of Youth conferences postponed until 2022 to allow local conferences in these countries.
The Liahona magazine will reach more members than ever before with its worldwide messages and wider distribution.
Seminary programs and institutes of religion will include further alignment with Come, Follow Me resources and a new reading requirement.
In a new Church News video released July 27, 2020, President Nelson describes the decision to close temples in March amid COVID-19 as “painful” and wracked with worry.”
Through our individual efforts and ongoing social media support from ward, stake, and Church leaders, we have been able not only to continue to hallow the Sabbath day but also to draw closer as a couple as we worship in our home.
There is a palpable influence that beckons viewers to “come unto Christ” (Doctrine and Covenants 20:59) that emanates from the marble creation of the Christus.
The interviews focus on building a community and encouraging “connection”—rather than a focus on research, records, or marketing new tools. 
“I can feel how much he loves the Lord and how grateful he is for the Savior’s Atonement by how tenderly he pronounces each word.” Sister Wendy Nelson