Come, Follow Me

“The Articles of Faith contain foundational truths of the restored gospel”
I also rejoice in God’s love for each of us, and in the prospect of the Redemption and the Resurrection of mankind.
“Thou hast been faithful; wherefore…thou shalt be made strong.” (Ether 12:37)
It is vital that we—today more than ever—trust in God.
We need to live in ways that the doctrines of Christ’s gospel are active in us.
To those who struggle with feelings of doubt and uncertainty, remember Jesus.
Through the power of the priesthood, every member of the restored Church of Jesus Christ can be empowered “to stand in the presence of God” (Joseph Smith Translation, Genesis 14:31 [in the Bible appendix]).
Years later, I was blessed to go to the Cardston Alberta Temple with my two children and baptize them for the grandparents who had raised me.
We learn that just as Heavenly Father can guide the restoration of a building, so He can restore us as individuals.
In my personal Liberty Jail experiences, I have seen the arms of Christ revealed.
The Lord acknowledges our sincere efforts, even when those efforts do not yield the results we anticipate.
We could not stop smiling and knowing that Heavenly Father led us to her at the perfect moment.