Community Service

It was a Christmas miracle of enlightenment, and lighting
How 10,000 socks helped youth forget their troubles and feel happiness
One way for us to follow Christ is to look for ways to serve others this Christmas.
How a book of stories is helping one community reflect and help those in need
We are to contribute more than just our excess material possessions, but our talents as well.
What do you need?” Sometimes, wonderful things spring from a simple question.
As we discussed this scripture as a family, we determined that the needs of the poor continue during these pandemic times.
“Perhaps now, more than ever, there is a need for good people of all faiths to come together to strengthen our communities.” (Jean B. Bingham)
Latter-day Saint Charities mounted the largest response in its 35-year history to COVID-19 and the associated food crisis.
Rob Cosman launched the Purple Heart Project in 2015 to help wounded veterans.
Families continually need to seek to be united in their love of one another and help others—especially those less fortunate—in the communities where they live.
Through our individual efforts and ongoing social media support from ward, stake, and Church leaders, we have been able not only to continue to hallow the Sabbath day but also to draw closer as a couple as we worship in our home.