As we look for and find women in our scriptures… we will see far better the power and influence women have on family, community, the Church and the world.” (President M. Russell Ballard)
I have taken time to reflect on what my response would be if I were asked by the Lord, “Lovest thou me?”
“To survive spiritually, we need counterstrategies and proactive plans.” Russell M. Nelson
If we were unaware of someone watching our every move, how would we fare?
I dropped onto my knees to pray, plead, and listen to what Heavenly Father wanted me to learn from these experiences.
“So, get up, go find your sycamore tree—or find someone’s shoulders to climb up on—to get a better view of Jesus Christ!” (Natalie Zuidhof)
Linda lives to show love for others through service.
“You can’t take it with you.”
Jesus has never stopped calling my name and extending His arm of mercy towards me.
After a short prayer and a spiritual confirmation of our decision, we took the northern route.
How do you prove the Resurrection?
Responding to great tests, trials, and temptations without faith is the worst thing that can ever happen.