After a short prayer and a spiritual confirmation of our decision, we took the northern route.
How do you prove the Resurrection?
Responding to great tests, trials, and temptations without faith is the worst thing that can ever happen.
“No matter our desperation, no matter our grief, Sunday will come.” Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin
The foolish man, let's call him Sandy, might have settled on the fastest way to build.
As a result, literally thousands of people across Alberta will receive needed food.
Not giving up or losing faith is a key principle to being a faithful, productive gardener.
“I felt like I was ‘being’ more without ‘doing’ more.”
“Survivors need to hear they aren’t at fault and that Heavenly Father still loves them and has never stopped. They need to hear it over and over again” Deondra Brown
We live in tumultuous times. But the question is not how the Church will fare; rather, how will you and I fare?
Regaining a foothold of faith.
The Spirit whispered in his ear, “Remember what you promised Me.”