I sank to the ground and cried out, “Dave! What do we do?” He replied resolutely, “We planned to go to the pageant. We are going to the pageant.”
What is most important about miracles is having the patience and diligence to learn and accept what is according to God’s will.
President Nelson’s forward-looking perspective encourages me to look forward past my challenges.
We are surrounded by women—both young and older—who are brilliant and amazing! Do we really see them?
None of our current situations is a surprise to the Lord. This is part of the plan. His plan.
Many of my sweetest experiences have come while bearing a cross.
What does it take to serve God?
I believe angelic ministering is already happening in our lives much more than we might realize.
I learned to have faith that the Lord would guide me to the tools I needed to grow as long as I trusted His promptings and wisdom.
Have you ever missed an ingredient in a recipe?
“When I needed Him most, I cried out, only to realize that He was already there. All I had to do was let Him in.'
President Nelson is gathering the best information, seeking inspiration from the Lord, and moving forward with deliberateness.