Family History

    The interviews focus on building a community and encouraging “connection”—rather than a focus on research, records, or marketing new tools. 
    These ministering angels know who you are, they care for you, they love you, and they will become a vital part of the fortification of your home. (Elder Gary E. Stevenson)
    Thinking about Jesus can provide heavenly moments for us each day.
    “Every time I go to the temple, I feel so close to home—to my Heavenly Father.” (Tyler Rausch)
    “Salvation is an individual matter, but exaltation is a family matter.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
    “I bless you to identify those things you can set aside so you can spend more time in the temple.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
    “A yearning for connection to our past can prepare an individual to receive the virtue of the word of God and fortify his or her faith.” (Elder David A. Bednar)
    “They Helped Others”
    “I have been praying all morning that someone would come!”
    I soon realized that the sacred pages of antique photos and rich stories that I had spent the last 65 years compiling were gathering dust on my bookshelves.
    “One day, when we look back at the seeming coincidences of our lives, we will realize that perhaps they weren’t so coincidental after all.” (President Thomas S. Monson)
    Those unable to attend the event can watch Elder and Sister Bednar’s remarks and other select presentations streamed live on the home page starting at 9:30 a.m. MST on March 2, 2019.