Family History

Hear that? It’s rejoicing on the other side of the veil
Thus, I began a quest to learn more of my war veteran’s story.
I repeated the same efforts, and in due time a miracle was wrought.
So, knowing nothing about family history, I decided to try and make it fun.
I believe angelic ministering is already happening in our lives much more than we might realize.
My heart is filled with awe and gratitude for the Lord’s constant watchful care over the course of my life.
As we study these Come, Follow Me prophecies this week, we should think about our roles in each of the seven prophecies.
Each child can be “one in a million” in the Army of the Lord.
The interviews focus on building a community and encouraging “connection”—rather than a focus on research, records, or marketing new tools. 
These ministering angels know who you are, they care for you, they love you, and they will become a vital part of the fortification of your home. (Elder Gary E. Stevenson)
Thinking about Jesus can provide heavenly moments for us each day.
“Every time I go to the temple, I feel so close to home—to my Heavenly Father.” (Tyler Rausch)