This piece of advice changed my approach to raising teens
“It would be beneficial if we became a community of listeners.”
“Memory is the one Garden of Eden out of which one need never be cast.”
In nine weeks, my mother, sister, husband and I all found our own testimonies, each in completely different ways
If we are going to be a Zion people we must truly come to love each other
“The woman then asked me, ‘Do you think cats have souls?’ I pray for missionary opportunities and for the courage to know how to act on them,” he said. “Here was a missionary opportunity delivered right onto my lap.”
“Travelling long distances is a small price to pay for the benefit and blessing of participating in sacred ordinances.”
Local faith community representatives were invited to read from sacred texts and to offer prayers on behalf of peace.
 “We weren’t sure if any of the Church buildings would survive because they are wood structures built on stilts. By 4 o’clock, all 11 missionaries had gathered in the school. It was Friday, the 13th.”
“My visiting teachers were not only doing a ‘calling,’ but they were acting out of love.” 
Patience, persistence and being a true friend are key to effective home teaching.
 “Each week we were greeted with warm smiles and friends who sought us out just to say ‘hi.’ It made getting up early on Sunday morning much easier.”