“Keep the Savior at the center of your plans.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
    We cannot expect the Lord to guide our footsteps if we’re not willing to move our feet.
    “We want our students to know they aren’t alone and that they have someone cheering them on who wants them to succeed. Our number-one goal is to keep them in the program”.
    ' So the whole learning environment is interactive and collaborative.' (Clark Gilbert, president of BYU-Pathway Worldwide)
    “I was able to finish my education because the Lord was on my side, and I was working with Him.” Jeremy Prete
    Prospective missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now have a new tool available to assist them in planning for their missions.
    “We want to see who you want to become, who you desire to become, and what you desire your life to look like.” Debbie Angelos
    I soon realized that the sacred pages of antique photos and rich stories that I had spent the last 65 years compiling were gathering dust on my bookshelves.
    Today’s dating culture has become one of fear, anxiety, and unrealistic expectations.
    Not giving up or losing faith is a key principle to being a faithful, productive gardener.
    “What a wonderful opportunity to learn about genealogy, gardening, baking, service and so much more.”