Gospel Teaching

I have learned that the scriptures are survival guides that inspire and lead me.
I had frequently walked into my mother’s room to find her kneeling in prayer during my childhood.
Doctrine taught. Invitations to act. Promised blessings.
Elder Andersen extends six belief related admonitions.
The Liahona magazine will reach more members than ever before with its worldwide messages and wider distribution.
Seminary programs and institutes of religion will include further alignment with Come, Follow Me resources and a new reading requirement.
Each child can be “one in a million” in the Army of the Lord.
Three magazines will serve Church members worldwide in new print and digital formats: “Ensign” title will be retired; youth magazine will have a new name.
Frequent revelation is not just for prophets—it’s available to us too!
Pandemic sparks creativity as congregations look for ways to remain connected.
The underlying lesson this parable is trying to teach is that we need be watchful in obeying the commandments of God.
Through our individual efforts and ongoing social media support from ward, stake, and Church leaders, we have been able not only to continue to hallow the Sabbath day but also to draw closer as a couple as we worship in our home.