A search for polar bears helped me find God
It took me nearly two years to figure out that my father was never coming home again.
Coronavirus would change the way my family and I would mourn our father and celebrate his life.
“We are thrilled to recognize Blakelee Zuidhof for her civic-mindedness and amazing personal integrity!” (Mayor Andy Prokop)
“Every time I go to the temple, I feel so close to home—to my Heavenly Father.” (Tyler Rausch)
Be a part of creating the new global hymnbook and children’s songbook!
One by one ministering should not be a rushed activity but be patiently personal.
I wasn’t missing anything at all. … I, the chosen mother to this precious spirited child, was exactly where I needed to be.
“Every year I have people come up to me who don’t even know who I am and give me a hug, Barb says. “And with tears in their eyes say, ‘You have brought me back to what Christmas really is.”
Many of the British Columbia host families expressed immediate bonding with their visitors and while they greatly enjoyed the inspirational music, they treasured most the time spent with their new friends. It’s a great trust to send children into the homes of strangers, but with the discretion of Bishops, the Spirit, our shared faith and values, it works out well.
“There are many things that have affected my life this last week since conference, and I suspect will continue to in the future.”
 “Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you”