Interfaith Co-operation

    We can connect with those who disagree, be firm in our rights, empathize with those around us, and develop a broader perspective.” (Sister Joy D. Jones)
    'Don't you know why God has sent you to this earth? It's to be an organist!' (Professor Herbert Nanney)
    “Simply stated, we strive to build bridges of cooperation rather than walls of segregation.” President Russell M. Nelson
    We came together as one.” Bishop Mike Quatrale
    'If there is a moment when Christians should be ready to mourn the death of something, but to believe in the resurrection of something, it's Holy Week. It is my belief that something is going to rise from these ashes.” Father McCarthy
    “We appreciate the kindness of the pope and the Vatican. They are most gracious in welcoming us.” President Russell M. Nelson
    One of seven semi trucks was filled with food during the Edmonton Food Drive co-ordinated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    “We should all help each other, even if we are different.” Andrew Osmond
    The purpose of the prayer breakfast is “to provide a safe place to be inspired to pray for our leaders and to consider the love and relevance of Jesus” ( At the Cunard Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, over 430 guests were recently welcomed to the 38th Provincial Leadership Prayer Breakfast for a time of prayer and reflection. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated on the steering committee and as entertainers for the event. The Dartmouth Nova Scotia Stake presidency and area public affairs directors attended the event.
    “…it was important to celebrate the differences as well as the similarities among faith groups.” John MacLennan
    ““Working together is akin to praying together.”
    “I call it the ‘sweat shop’ – piles of fabric and rolls of batting sandwiched with individual quilt tops, sewing machines running on ‘fast’, trimmers and turners…”