Jesus Christ

Trekking in the Himalayas taught me about my relationship with God
The Bible – think of it as personal messages from a heavenly parent
Each person is responsible for knowing and living according to Christ’s invitation to “come and follow me” (Matthew 19:21)
The incomparable gift I received at a small, prairie cemetery
As we grasp the scale of what Christ did for us, something special happens
It was a Christmas miracle of enlightenment, and lighting
How whistling became a heart-warming Christmas witness
How the Come Follow Me program provides divine nourishment, rescue and love
We all experience the anvil of life – thankfully, God is the blacksmith
The Saviour has “broken trail” for us. Will we follow?
A father's contribution to the world and the lives of the rising generation is irreplaceable
How my heart was changed as I served in the nursery