Jesus Christ

“I promise you that if you will study His words, your ability to be more like Him will increase.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
Divine joy will lead to rejoicing despite current afflictions and suffering.
Righteous faith is not a blind hope in idols or hypothetical ideas but a divine force and power that gives strength to create, subdue, heal, or endure.
Jan Derksen (back boy on an Allied tank, top, and middle) from Holland was saved from starvation when “Soldier Whitehead” shared his rations with him.
“What can I do to develop a soft and contrite heart?”
The most recent prophetic utterances should always be valued most.
We can connect with those who disagree, be firm in our rights, empathize with those around us, and develop a broader perspective.” (Sister Joy D. Jones)
“Attention! I have a testimony!” (Allen Schauerhamer)
'Don't you know why God has sent you to this earth? It's to be an organist!' (Professor Herbert Nanney)
We are not striving to enter heaven—we are striving to become heavenly.
President Russell M. Nelson said it would take time for families to figure out how to use ‘Come, Follow Me,’ and we’ve seen that.” (Brian K. Ashton)
After surviving multiple instances of traumatic stress violence, Abraham as a younger man knew that the only way to endure any future tests and trials was to live by faith.