Fathers are part of the Lord’s plan
“Because of the eternal nature of the temple and the work that takes place there, it has been decided that time-only marriages in the temple will no longer be performed.” (First Presidency Letter, May 24, 2021)
I have realized that my relationship with Christ and with my wife and children was what I treasure.
Heavenly Father is aware of me and will not leave me comfortless, but it is my responsibility to reach out and use those tools He has made available for me.
My Addiction Recovery Program support group meetings have become one of the holiest places on the earth for me.
In a new video Sister Wendy Nelson shares how the Lord brought her and President Nelson together.
Family is not a man-made concept that can be arbitrarily re-defined.
“Most of my immediate family and friends are not members of our faith, so it was especially meaningful for us to have them witness our civil union and help them feel included in the festivities of the day.” (Irene Caso)
Today’s dating culture has become one of fear, anxiety, and unrealistic expectations.
“I felt like I was ‘being’ more without ‘doing’ more.”
Immigration from many lands is part of Church history in Canada. From Africa to Canada, this story tells how a family decided to immigrate, determined to actively experience gospel living and temple blessings.
“The chapel, the stake and the temple are sacred as they contribute to the building of the most sacred institution in the Church - the home.”