A chapel built by faith and action, with a few miracles thrown in
Hear that? It’s rejoicing on the other side of the veil
Thanks to Him, every day is something to look forward to
The monumental gift that opens Heaven’s gates to each of us
I think I finally have put my foot on the path to truly comprehend the “Character of God.”
I repeated the same efforts, and in due time a miracle was wrought.
President Nelson’s leadership demonstrates that the Lord is in charge.
What is most important about miracles is having the patience and diligence to learn and accept what is according to God’s will.
When we met going in opposite directions, Elder Hirsche looked to us and hopefully asked, “Do you have a French Book of Mormon?”
We promised them that as they put the effort in and brought questions to general conference, they would have their questions answered.
Have you ever missed an ingredient in a recipe?
“[This experience] is definitely one way that Heavenly Father is showing His great power and mercy by answering our collective prayers.” Marcelo Ulloa