Missionary Service

    “This is how we connect with the people. We serve, eat, sing, and dance with and for each other.” (President Stephen A. Keung)
    Sister Carmen Olson, among other Duke of Edinburgh Award recipients at New Zealand Government House on August 2019, states, 'I have come to truly feel Christ’s love and concern for all the people of the world.'
    “Marriage OK’d by President David O. McKay. Please send recommend.”
    I have taken time to reflect on what my response would be if I were asked by the Lord, “Lovest thou me?”
    “We want our students to know they aren’t alone and that they have someone cheering them on who wants them to succeed. Our number-one goal is to keep them in the program”.
    The best time to serve is when the Lord confirms the time is right.
    Never have there been so many missionaries from Prince Edward Island serving at the same time.
    Changes to the Church’s missionary programs will expand service opportunities for worthy young adults who desire to serve a mission.
    Never before in my life have I felt as much joy or excitement as I did when I opened my mission call.” Jeron Bennett
    “The Lord is in the small details of our lives, and those incidents and opportunities are to prepare us to lift our families and others as we build the kingdom of God on earth.” (Elder Ronald A. Rasband)
    “I knew that God is aware of me and would bless me at a time when I needed comfort the most.”
    “That is really why we come out on missions—to help people and just love God’s children.”