Missionary Work

”When we put our trust in Christ, give Him the glory and have faith in his power, miracles can happen!” Carmen Letourneau
She still looked really confused and added, “I thought you came here because of me.”
“And, situations being what they were in our tiny branch, he was baptized in a hot tub.”
Three missionary stories explore the heavenly blessings of taking time to stop and interact with strangers.
“There was something about that first church visit. I left with a giddy-up feeling I hadn’t felt in years.”
“…when we are obedient we can truly see the miracles that happen.” There were so many miracles on my mission!
“The woman then asked me, ‘Do you think cats have souls?’ I pray for missionary opportunities and for the courage to know how to act on them,” he said. “Here was a missionary opportunity delivered right onto my lap.”
Many of the British Columbia host families expressed immediate bonding with their visitors and while they greatly enjoyed the inspirational music, they treasured most the time spent with their new friends. It’s a great trust to send children into the homes of strangers, but with the discretion of Bishops, the Spirit, our shared faith and values, it works out well.
“Everyone wants to be a Mormon—they just don’t know it, yet.”
 “We decided to just serve the people in the community...and miracles began to happen.”
 “My grandfather's journal has been a great strength to many members of my family.”
“…we will not fully enjoy the gospel of Jesus Christ unless we share it.”