Missionary Work

As we are spiritually sensitive to find those ready to hear the gospel, we are privileged to share in the Lord’s miracle of conversion.
A First Nations family is converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ
It was exciting to see the Lord hasten His work right before my very eyes
The best part of today was giving away the Book of Mormon
We smiled, amazed at how the gospel was preached just by our being at that place at that time.
Having had the privilege of being part of this family's marvelous conversion, I feel that I was called to the Canada Vancouver Mission for a distinct reason.
It truly was a 'without purse or script' experience.
I had a feeling in my heart that they could help me.
I thought that I should have been happy, but I just wasn't.
At that moment, I felt many things. One was the realization that I had been brought to the home of this lovely family for the exact reason that they were ready for the gospel.
Let us try to create a picture of our life this last week. As always, we rejoice in the beautiful island where we serve
President Monson has been encouraging senior couples to enter the mission field: “We need many, many more senior couples.