Music and Arts

Celebrate Easter with Handel's 'Messiah,' presented by The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.
'Don't you know why God has sent you to this earth? It's to be an organist!' (Professor Herbert Nanney)
“If I have learned anything certain in my 95 years of life, it’s that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God. His Church has been restored in these latter-days to prepare the world for the Second Coming.” (President Russell M. Nelson
“You now have 10 temples in these nations that we visited, and more coming.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
“Faith is the antidote for fear” (Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, May, 2014)
“We should all help each other, even if we are different.” Andrew Osmond
“…it was important to celebrate the differences as well as the similarities among faith groups.” John MacLennan
I believe that any person of faith involved in artistic creation is concerned to create something that is pleasing to God, as well as to himself and to others...