The unexpected additional blessing was peace and quiet as I left the world behind and prepared to enter the Lord’s house.
The foolish man, let's call him Sandy, might have settled on the fastest way to build.
“I’m praying for him,” he said, referring to the principal who had ended his distinguished basketball-coaching career.
“Being ‘born again’ is another name for conversion.” (Elder J. Devin Cornish)
In some ways, ministering is like beginning a new road trip every day.
“I needed Him to light my knowledge so I could pass the test.”
“Not long after that discouraging phone call from the college, I heard an announcement that the Church was starting a new Self-Reliance Initiative.”
“Our adoration of Jesus is best expressed by our emulation of Jesus.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
The strength of the southern Alberta Saints attests to the blessings that have come from having a temple in their midst.
I was very confused as to what the spirit was trying to tell me to do.
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Experiences and testimonies of Sisters serving in Canadian Missions