“He wasn’t putting on Christ’s whole armor—and neither are you, Gary!”
    We are not striving to enter heaven—we are striving to become heavenly.
    “Sufficiency of faith in Christ does not dictate a desired outcome, but rather presents a worthy offering of trust in the Lord and His designs. This offering He bids us to make.”
    We came together as one.” Bishop Mike Quatrale
    After a short prayer and a spiritual confirmation of our decision, we took the northern route.
    “That building is pure: God must live there.” Lukusa
    “I felt like I was ‘being’ more without ‘doing’ more.”
    Imagine standing before the Savior and hearing the words—“You never knew me.”
    New BYU research finds that praying together as a family has many positive benefits, including reducing relational tensions and increasing feelings of closeness and unity.
    The purpose of the prayer breakfast is “to provide a safe place to be inspired to pray for our leaders and to consider the love and relevance of Jesus” ( At the Cunard Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, over 430 guests were recently welcomed to the 38th Provincial Leadership Prayer Breakfast for a time of prayer and reflection. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated on the steering committee and as entertainers for the event. The Dartmouth Nova Scotia Stake presidency and area public affairs directors attended the event.
    Three missionary stories explore the heavenly blessings of taking time to stop and interact with strangers.
    “The blessing I gave that sounded ‘like a goodbye’ really was—a goodbye to his old life and a renewal of his new life as a follower of Christ.”