If I live worthy of the celestial kingdom, I may be allowed to help “carry the message of redemption to all the dead” (Doctrine and Covenants 138:37)
The Lord has provided the “manuals” needed
A testimony of Jesus Christ is not built on history alone
Perhaps the study of the book of Revelation needs a change of perspective
The modern-day relevance of some oft-ignored epistles in the New Testament
“Enduring to the end” is about the present
Oh, how we need each other
It is helpful, and perhaps essential, to study Paul’s 13 epistles for an understanding of early Christianity
Ancient scripture can help us live better lives today
There is joy and urgency in searching for our kindred dead
“Dreams can divinely inspire insightful matriarchal and patriarchal counsel and blessings”
The Bible – think of it as personal messages from a heavenly parent