In a new Church News video released July 27, 2020, President Nelson describes the decision to close temples in March amid COVID-19 as “painful” and wracked with worry.”
“I can feel how much he loves the Lord and how grateful he is for the Savior’s Atonement by how tenderly he pronounces each word.” Sister Wendy Nelson
“A prophet does not stand between you and the Savior. Rather, he stands beside you and points the way to the Savior.” Elder Neil L. Andersen
We prepare ourselves for a spiritual feast by living the commandments, trusting in the Lord, and following the promptings of the Spirit.
Take at least 10 minutes to view, read, and study this 2018 Special Witnesses of Christ video by President Russell M. Nelson.
Take 10 minutes to view Special Witnesses of Christ videos by Elder Gary E. Stevenson and Elder Dale G. Renlund and learn more about the Book of Mormon and the eternal blessings of temples.
Take 10 minutes to view two Special Witnesses of Christ videos every day for 8 days, finishing with President Nelson’s testimony of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020.
Thinking about Jesus can provide heavenly moments for us each day.
Coronavirus would change the way my family and I would mourn our father and celebrate his life.
The March 16-22, 2020 Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families provides outstanding resources for gaining a better understanding of the allegorical symbols Zenos used in Jacob 5.
I testify that out of suffering we have emerged stronger.
During the 2020 bicentennial year, these podcasts can help members increase their knowledge of the Restoration and their personal connections with the revelatory love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.