We, like the Nephites, need to have the sincere and continual desire to receive the Holy Ghost.
“A prophet does not stand between you and the Savior. Rather, he stands beside you and points the way to the Savior.” Elder Neil L. Andersen
Take 10 minutes to view Special Witnesses of Christ videos by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Elder David A. Bednar.
“I’ve experienced life without the restored gospel. I want to live the gospel in its fullness.” (Lillie Taylor, recently baptized)
The March 16-22, 2020 Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families provides outstanding resources for gaining a better understanding of the allegorical symbols Zenos used in Jacob 5.
“My brothers and sisters I plead with you to increase your spiritual capacity to receive revelation.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
“The Book of Mormon is the world’s greatest commentary on the book of Isaiah.” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, of the Quorum of the Twelve)
The key way that God reveals His will is through ongoing revelation.
“As you appropriately seek for and apply unto the spirit of revelation, I promise you will ‘walk in the light of the Lord’ (2 Nephi 12:5)”. Elder David A. Bednar
“Because we feel the depth of God’s love for His children, we care deeply about every child of God, regardless of age, personal circumstances, gender, sexual orientation, or other unique challenge.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
President Russell M. Nelson said it would take time for families to figure out how to use ‘Come, Follow Me,’ and we’ve seen that.” (Brian K. Ashton)
The Lord is hastening His work in the gathering of scattered Israel by providing the gospel to His Saints in their respective languages.