Temple Attendance

President and Sister Balderson will be released as Cardston Alberta Temple President and Matron at the end of August, 2022
I came to understand that I could not live by dwelling on the past nor stressing about the future. I needed to live in the present.
New Canadian temple presidents and matrons are called; temples to re-open observing all government and public health directives.
Take 10 minutes to view two Special Witnesses of Christ videos every day for 8 days, finishing with President Nelson’s testimony of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020.
I am standing in holy places as I endure trials and afflictions in the service of God.
“To survive spiritually, we need counterstrategies and proactive plans.” Russell M. Nelson
“I wish I had known that there was a place I could go for peace, to share my yoke with Him, to learn about the plan of salvation.” Elder Joaquin E. Costa
“Please know that the Lord is mindful and pleased with every effort you make.”
“As God’s temples, we are “Never More Beautiful Than During A Storm.”
“I needed Him to light my knowledge so I could pass the test.”
With the Lord's intervention, the blessings of ancestry and posterity would be preserved.
What I have learned from regular temple attendance