Following in the footsteps of Jesus was never intended to be easy.
Even though it is hard to re-examine traumatic experiences, remembering is how to heal.
With a determination to follow Jesus Christ, we can create a home comparable to the temple in sacredness.
The Lord sent me to Canada for a reason...He also had a reason for my next call. He prepared people for me to teach wherever I was.”
I think I finally have put my foot on the path to truly comprehend the “Character of God.”
President Nelson’s leadership demonstrates that the Lord is in charge.
I sank to the ground and cried out, “Dave! What do we do?” He replied resolutely, “We planned to go to the pageant. We are going to the pageant.”
What do you need?” Sometimes, wonderful things spring from a simple question.
President Nelson’s forward-looking perspective encourages me to look forward past my challenges.
As President Nelson suggested, I am “astounded!” I believe you may be astounded too.
When general conference began, the Spirit began to speak a different story to me.
God was bringing His servants home, so that they could go back out and keep serving Him later.