“If we entertain temptations, soon they begin entertaining us!” (Elder Neal A. Maxwell)
“Survivors need to hear they aren’t at fault and that Heavenly Father still loves them and has never stopped. They need to hear it over and over again” Deondra Brown
“Someone is having suicidal thoughts in your ward.” Elder Dale G. Renlund
The Spirit whispered in his ear, “Remember what you promised Me.”
Moroni completed the final refining touches to an extraordinary testament of the divine mission and atoning love of Jesus Christ.
“And, situations being what they were in our tiny branch, he was baptized in a hot tub.”
In tears, I asked God why He had forsaken me? Why He had forgotten me?
“I gathered my family and assured them everything would be okay and that we had lost only the material things…”
Merry and Paul realized that if Joshua’s life was going to be short he should be able to peruse his desires while he could. They let him sign up for Special Olympic floor hockey.
'Through all of this, I have really learned how to pray, I mean really pray; to cry in pain and ask for help, to beg Him, in that moment, to please share the load that only He and I know.'
Life lessons learned by a young girl build a pathway for the future.
'We’ll never know, in mortality, what the likes of many endured. But, we can bow our heads and give them some respect, some sympathy, our thanks, our commitment to never forget!'