President Dallin H. Oaks counsels, “Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can unite and bring peace to people of all races and nationalities.”
“Solutions will come as we open our hearts to those whose lives are different than our own, as we work to build bonds of genuine friendship, and as we see each other as the brothers and sisters we are — for we are all children of a loving God.” (Joint op-ed column)
President Nelson reminds of the Creator’s call for each of us to abandon attitudes of prejudice against any group or individual.
“I invite you to join with me in a worldwide fast — for all whose health permits — to pray for relief from the physical, emotional and economic effects of this global pandemic.” (President Russell M. Nelson)
Peek into the planning process for Young Women camps.
Dialogue across ideological lines can be a healing salve for the nation and the world. (Derrick Johnson)
New BYU research finds that praying together as a family has many positive benefits, including reducing relational tensions and increasing feelings of closeness and unity.
“We should all help each other, even if we are different.” Andrew Osmond
“It would be beneficial if we became a community of listeners.”
“Canadians—both young and older—have not forgotten.'
If we are going to be a Zion people we must truly come to love each other
“I noticed a special code, a code of conduct. This code of conduct is crucial, both inside and outside of our council meetings. Whenever we come together, we must come prepared to conduct ourselves in the manner the Lord has taught.”